Thursday, 11 August 2011

Man.United Community Shield

Manchester United
Community Shield 2011

SAY what you like about a new dawn at Chelsea, a resurgent Liverpool or the noisy neighbours at Manchester City.

Community Shield Champion 2011

Head to Head battle between the Red Devil boy & the Citizen boy. The pitch's object seem unfriendly guys!
David de gea put himself down to knee as the Citizen break first-half deadlock with two stunning goals.
Joleon Patrick Lescott and teammates celebrate City first goal and feel the winning atmosphere.

Sir Alex Ferguson :), had well prepared for 20th title. \m/

Roberto Mancini

Luis Nani, the Hero of the match. His second goal during 4 minutes added time brought United lifted Community Shield up. GGMU!

David de gea bring success to United as a new signing first team goalkeeper.

Manchester United showed their youthful side and turn into a dazzling Community Shield Champion.

"Great game, Amazing ball, Fabulous pitch & Incredible Spectator"

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  1. Cheers Cheers~~ :D They'll always be no. 1 on the field & in our heard <3