Sunday, 2 September 2012

SAF 1000th game in Charge

Sir Alex Ferguson 1000th game in charge, 
since 1986

             Sir Alex Ferguson with his own capability and original styles of managing had amazed the football fans all over the nation. Now approaching 71, he celebrates his incredible 1000th game in charge of Manchester United as the Red Devils traveled away from home to face Southampton on Sunday. Sir Alex, manager of top club Manchester United since 1986 admitted that he loves every minutes of his job and will continue for as long as possibly.
      The Scotsman truly enjoyed working with wonderful and talented players at the club as well as the management in Old Trafford. It is been a huge pleasure and honor for Sir Alex working with them. Sir Alex has achieved unparalleled success at Old Trafford, winning 12 Premier League titles, five FA Cups, four League cups and two European cups, a haul that makes him the most successful manager in British football history.
      He told the Daily  Mail that he never model or attached himself to anybody, or read any best selling books written by managers but step out as himself and do it his way. He did also gave a remark advices to young managers which was 'not just to learn by your mistakes but also heed the reasons why you made them'.        
         Sir Alex Ferguson said, 

     "I could never imagine how long I would be at the club or  that I would be 
       looking forward to my thousandth game'.

     "It may be a special occasion but it's just another game
that I want to win."

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